Please note: as of March 31, 2022, I am again accepting new patients on referral from their therapists/counselors. Thank you.

From Dr. Mark Ogle —

Established Patients:  Thank you for your continued support of my practice. If you would like to log on to your patient profile, please proceed to  Patient Portal  >

New Patients:  Become the best version of yourself. My goal is not just to get you feeling better, but to get you well.

Referrals:  Physician, therapist, and insurance referrals are preferred for new patients.  |  Healthcare referrals  >

Payments:  Various insurance plans accepted with cash discount options.  |  Payment and insurance  >

Appointments:  Call during office hours for appointment scheduling.  |  Appointments  >

Medications:  Call Dr. Ogle’s office for assistance with obtaining and managing your prescription medications.  |  Medication management  >