Medication Management

Brief questions about medication side effects or issues can be handled with a phone call or email through the Patient Portal.

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From Dr. Mark Ogle —

Refill service: I generally put enough refills on medications to last until your next appointment. If you do happen to run out of medicine between appointments, just call and leave a message and I will call in a refill for you. There is no charge for this service.

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Concerned Patient: “I’m having a problem with my medications—they aren’t working at all! What should I do?”

From Dr. Mark Ogle —

If you’re having a more general problem, you should be seen for an appointment. Established patients can almost always be seen within a day or two if you call. Please be aware that, with rare exceptions, I am reluctant to change medications without an in-person appointment.  |  Patient Appointments  >

Please be aware that good medical/psychiatric care does require at least occasional in-person visits, and that I cannot prescribe medications to you on an ongoing basis without at least occasional in-person visits.  |  Patient Appointments>

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