Psychiatric Disability

Overwhelmed Patient: “I’m too sick to be able to work. Can you help me get on disability?”

From Dr. Mark Ogle —

I’m a firm believer in the recovery model of mental illness and mental health.  My goal is to help you feel as good as you can and to function as well as you can— which usually means working and/or going to school if you’re not of retirement age or a homemaker.

With that being said, there are clearly some episodes of mental illness that are severe enough to prevent working or going to school temporarily.  If your illness is that severe I almost always will recommend aggressive mental health treatment for it. This means pursuing intensive outpatient treatment or a partial hospitalization program at one of our local hospitals such as St. Vincent or Community Health. I usually make your participation in such outpatient programs a condition for me to complete disability paperwork for you.

If your main goal in seeking mental health treatment is to get on either short or long term disability, I would encourage you to obtain treatment from another provider.

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