5 Stars

“Counselors, doctors and psychiatrists have failed to understand me for years. But where others have fail, Dr. Ogle has succeeded.

He helped figure out what made me feel tired, unfocused, and unmotivated. Even though he’s an older, quiet guy, I still felt like he understood my young, female mind. First, he asked me about myself, my life, and if I thought counseling would help. I explained that I’d been to a number of counselors, including the two I had at the time. Talking wasn’t helping. He wanted to make sure it was something I couldn’t talk my way though before going to the script pad.

I’ve tried a number of meds with various doctors. Olge made some suggestions to me about what my best options were. He explained what each med would focus on as well as what they were generally used for. I felt very well-informed and comfortable with his advice. We compared and collaborated to make theb best choice for me.

Other docs would learn a thing or two from Dr. Ogle. He treats you like a person, not a problem.”

Source: Yelp.com